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142231828212.jpg - (110.89KB , 550x549 , 2014-june-30-Sothebys-evening-sale-adrian-ghenie-r.jpg )
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prea tare
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142231843693.jpg - (138.57KB , 429x600 , the-hunted.jpg )
Yet the most striking result went to Adrian Ghenie. The Romanian painter based in Cluj was already a global hit. The rumor goes that advisers of all stripes were begging at the doors of his Berlin dealer Galerie Judin during the artist’s last show, hoping for a work that for most remained out of reach. Ghenie is collected by the Centre Georges Pompidou; François Pinault is a fan. But today’s sale of his 2010 painting The Fake Rothko for £1,426,000 against a high estimate of £350,000 places him in a different league altogether. The contemporary evening auctions truly concern only about a handful of highly bankable artists—the Warhols, Fontanas, and Richters of this world, those who market commentator Scott Reyburn describes as “investment-grade favorites.” Tonight has proved that Ghenie might well be on the way to becoming one of them. ”
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interesant, da

cam edgy, dar imi place stilul
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- Care considerati ca e stilul dvs.?
- VLC Player.
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am ras/10

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