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/int/ - I will be going to Romania in early Feb, landing in Cluj and traveling to Bacau, Any advice for travel? How likely is it I will be robbed? I plan
139060321914.jpg - (25.45KB , 235x300 , Drunken-Irishman.jpg )
1152 NL No. 1152
I will be going to Romania in early Feb, landing in Cluj and traveling to Bacau,

Any advice for travel? How likely is it I will be robbed? I plan to just walk quickly and say vreau sa ma cak to everyone.
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>> RO No. 1153
>say vreau sa ma cak to everyone
Also, if you keep off shady zones, you'll be less likely to be robbed than in Paris or London.
>> RO No. 1154
Why would you travel to Bacau?
You should see Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov ....
>> RO No. 1157
I hope you will be robbed and murdered and raped.
>> RO No. 1158
walking quickly will attract attention. Just don't walk by yourself through unpopulated areas such as in alleyways or behind buildings at night. If beggars harass you during the day, just ignore them.
>> NL No. 1162
139091779051.jpg - (681.57KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140127_001[1].jpg )
Fucking Mike Foster like
>> RO No. 1163
Le epik capital feis
>Cluj, Sibiu,
le bozgor feis
This is actually ok.
Also OP you should walk fast and if someone gets in your way just walk by and say "Pardon" . If you don't go near gypsies you won't be robbed but still keep your money safe for they are everywhere and can be anyone.
>> ES No. 1165
>> ES No. 1166
>> AE No. 1176
i am go Baku before 5 year for some business
Is poor place and peoples are good but little crazy and no understand english
but have beach very nice
lady have but not too much beautifulls
romania lady beautifulls than azeri

>> RO No. 1177
>can't speak english
maybe because it's hard to understand somebody that clearly isn't speaking it
>> RO No. 1178
>romania lady beautifulls
pls don't rape them. We have enough problems with gyspy-hungarian-jew babies being born. We don't need more.
>> AE No. 1180
Of course they wouldn't understand English, what would you expect? Azerland is not in mainland Europe. What were you doing there, anyways? Isn't Turkey and UK good enough?

Terrible, like that you'll never learn shit.

Lower chances to get robbed than anywhere, however practise common sense with your stuff (ie keep luggage close to you, don't flash important sums of money, don't leave potentially expensive things in sight).
>> RO No. 1182
I'm in pietra neamţ or how ever you spell it, bus ride from cluj was beautiful, pharmacies will sell you what ever you want if you have the money. Only 1 ţigan was obviously trying to steal my organs, i have tried a bunch of Romanian foods and alcohols, nice place, going to start exploring abandoned buildings and shit now
>> RO No. 1183
Be careful, some abandoned buildings either have hobos in them or ghosts. Or ghosts of hobos, so make sure you're prepared.
>> RO No. 1184
Heed his warning, hobo ghosts are the worst
>> US No. 1192
Are you still around ? Or have you left?
>> RO No. 1193

He`s dead
>> GB No. 1221
sorry guys, been pretty busy, romania was fucking beautiful, few gypsy cunts but apart from that i've fallen in love with ciorba and pickled cabbage wrapped around meat. thanks for the advice, if would anyone one like some pictures?
>> RO No. 1222
Yeah, go ahead post some pics dude.
Any worthy of sharing encounters with our women?
>> GB No. 1223
139397860987.jpg - (765.48KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140210_002[1].jpg )
from roman
>> GB No. 1224
139397877727.jpg - (696.17KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140209_029[1].jpg )
piatra neamt
>> GB No. 1225
139397901714.jpg - (686.38KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140209_012[1].jpg )
more piatra neamt
>> GB No. 1226
139397908952.jpg - (540.85KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140207_001[1].jpg )
piatra neamt
>> GB No. 1227
139397937911.jpg - (544.80KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140206_084[1].jpg )
this is in the mountains,


this maps link is pretty close
>> GB No. 1228
13939795408.jpg - (514.39KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140206_067[1].jpg )
>> GB No. 1229
139397963715.jpg - (757.48KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140206_042[1].jpg )

>> GB No. 1230
139397975189.jpg - (692.13KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140206_039[1].jpg )

cannot remember what village this was, but their gov building had EU, ROM and Ukraine flag, i guess it's a Ukrainian village
>> GB No. 1231
139397992180.jpg - (795.98KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140206_014[1].jpg )

when i landed in Cluj, it was -3 ish, when i came back 1 week later it was 17C that is pretty much what we get in the summer here

>> GB No. 1232
139398030052.jpg - (667.97KB , 2592x1556 , WP_20140206_013[1].jpg )
over here, fanny = pizda
>> RO No. 1233
Heh, that one says "The manea kills" . Manea is a horrible music genre that mosly wanna be gypsies listen to.
Some village outside of Cluj most likely. Yeah, you're going to find that flag in almost all parts of Transylvania.

>> FI No. 1255
139674589945.jpg - (70.62KB , 720x960 , 1521288_379010408912442_1856519814_n.jpg )
Romania street boys salute you! Very safe with us! We take you in gentle hands!
>> DE No. 1259
139675194167.jpg - (78.81KB , 580x386 , romania.jpg )
Don't travel to Romania, travel to Kazakhstan. It more civilized. You welcome to Kazakhstan. I kiss you.
>> CH No. 1260
139675217613.jpg - (53.50KB , 634x449 , prostitute.jpg )
Here is my sister. She give best oral sex in the world.
>> CH No. 1261
139675234871.jpg - (76.37KB , 633x362 , granny.jpg )
Here is my Granny. She is best in Granny Helicopter in the Kazakhstani.
>> CH No. 1262
139675259950.jpg - (84.53KB , 701x939 , nephew.jpg )
Here is my nephew. He is best thug in Granny Helicopter in Kazakhstani. You are welcome to see Granny Helicopter show!
>> CH No. 1263
139675310989.jpg - (44.66KB , 800x691 , 13966991311396699490l.jpg )
Here is Kazakhstani Granny Helicopter Olympics 2014
>> GB No. 1278

you are such kind, however i have not been in that country for several months.
>> RO No. 1279
It doesn't matter; you can be away for years if you want, we'll still be here just as you left us.
>> RO No. 1280
So, OP, how was it in Bacău?
>> GB No. 1282
Good to know

Bacau was flat and boring compared to piatra neamt. I'd love to return to Romania if even just for the beautiful mountains and the amazing ciorba and what ever that pickled cabbage wrapped around meat.
>> AE No. 1404
God-tier bulking food, worth the time making them
>> IT No. 1533

Cool story, man, glad you enjoyed your time there.

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