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/int/ - Hello, Romani!
139860711974.jpg - (31.65KB , 598x336 , 1F503AD063B3B0136794B81794F57C_h498_w598_m2_q90_cX.jpg )
1306 DE No. 1306
Hello, Romani!
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>> DE No. 1307
139860715864.jpg - (11.01KB , 338x225 , Fraeulein-Wunder-Wie-Lena-Meyer-Landrut-zum-Star-w.jpg )
Everything OK? Do you have Russian troops liberating you yet?
>> HR No. 1308
go away kc shit

only cigani here
>> ES No. 1309
Nothing would me greater pleasure than to be one signing the Romanian-Russian peace treaty of ~201x, by which Russia remove all claims to Romanian soil, returns Northern Marmarosz, Northern Bukowina(up to Cernowitz), full Basarabia, Serpent Island and war compensation + return all romanian deportees from Kazakhcacatstan(2-10000).

Then it'll just remain conquer Hungary up to Debrecen, take Vojvodina from Serbia, re-take Silistra and Vidin from Bulgaria, force Macedonia and Greece to stop declaring Romanians there as "macedonian" or "greek", and force Greece/Turkey to acknowledge Gagauzia as Romanian(both are currently fighting for in, Greece with the Church and Turkey with cultural funding since they speak the same language).

Damn it sucks being Romanian.

Lena looks like shit btw, brown tits.
>> ES No. 1310
>> RO No. 1325
Sa dea dumnezo,poporu' roman si ovreii sa ne ajute.
>> ES No. 1326
aia stiu doar sa te usureze de bani. inclus popii
>> RO No. 1327
Fedorist pls. La ce popi ai fost tu care te-au usurat de bani? Ortodocsii nu iti cer bani asa ca repara-ti religia.
>> RO No. 1328
We won't have this much luck - don't you remember WWI?
>> RO No. 1329
Woops I wanted to say WWII
>> IT No. 1416

Salve, Germani!
>> AE No. 1426
That will never happen because our government is a total sucker for NATO and the White House, and this trend will not change too soon, considering the amount of massive idiots that are still in the political parties in Romania.

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