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/int/ - In Romania miss socialistic times?
14000795114.jpg - (16.73KB , 320x240 , b_445416.jpg )
1332 US No. 1332
In Romania miss socialistic times?
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>> ES No. 1333
u miss english?
>> US No. 1334
>> ES No. 1335
>> RO No. 1336
Ignore >>1333 he's a special little boy.
But yes Romania does miss the old days with товарищ Ceasca ;_; .
>tfw drunks and thieves ran the country into the ground for the past 20 years

>> ES No. 1337
1944+2014 makes it 70.
>> US No. 1338
140009717339.jpg - (190.79KB , 800x640 , 218275.jpg )
Tell me about the good old days.
>> RO No. 1339
People were much more civilized than they are now. There were no stoners , no drunks on the streets , no gangs of gypsies to rob you . There were no unemployed , even if you didn't had a job you were given a simple one like say street cleaner or garbage man. Just so you could earn some money. If you didn't had a house you were given one so long as you worked or joined the army.
People will tell you that there was no TV back then, but what the hell. We have 24 hr TV now and I don't watch it so yeah. Other people will say that the food was scares, but that's because it was rationed. 1 family of 3 would get X Kg of meat per day , 1-2 liters of milk, flower, oil, eggs and so on.
The only people you will hear that say now is better than back then are the same stoners, faggots, gypsies and thieves that had it hard back then. And one thing that was really nice back then , school was school. Teachers had authority , students were responsible , and the system was much better. Probably why most of the kids from back then became such important people now.
Ce pula mea are asta de-a face cu Ceasca?
>> ES No. 1340
You're retarded.

Esti retardat. Cum ce pula mea are face, i-am inclus pe Mihaita, rusi, Dej, Ceausescu, Iliescu si circul actual, Base e primul presedinte competent cu un parlament de cacat.

If you were of noble descent, of middle class or of foreign origin, you had three options: just die, die working into some shithole like Danube, sewers, any sort of forced labour, or the third option to buy your freedom(specially if jew or german).

Most Romanian class was restructured by jailing priests, writers, politicians, royalists, burgeois, scientist and mass land owners. Most peasants were expropriated of large parts of their land, left with 150 m^2 or so for their own produce. If animal raiser, cow, lamb, horses, you needed to give the state the 'surplus'(like 80%), plus milk, eggs, fur etc. The state took them for free and sold them in the city lol.

Since all authority was virtually jailed, all figures of authority were replaced by either russians(first twenty years, in the popular republic), eithe romanian/gypsy dumbfuck peasants with invented jobs and diploma.

Crime was relatively high, among with robberies(hungry people), most of them were caught but Ceausescu had this brilliant idea of liberating people from jail each birthday so shit was fucked up.

There was no hot water in winter, no heating, no food for most of the year, little electricity and quotas for its consumption. Gas had a strong smell to discourage people for using ovens as heaters.

In order to keep unemployment low, people had fake jobs with no existent factories, receiving money as an advance awaiting the construction.

Education was shit, you could get SAT/Bacalaureat for money or food, the more stupid you were, the better. Most contests and competitions were won by quotas, not real performance(Bucharest needed 3 champions at math, Cluj 1, Timisoara 1 etc).

The are two kinds of people who'll say it was good times then: those who had nothing before, thieves, gypsies and bucharest-ians.

Forgive for my awful English.
>> US No. 1341
> Base e primul presedinte competent
M-am oprit acolo. Opiniile tale sunt fix ale grupului de drogati si degenerati de care vorbem. Si ce pula mea stii tu despre comunism cand pe vremea aia era ma--ta inca virgina si tu crezi ce iti spune ea dupa ce s-a intors de la produs din italia. Continua sa fii autist. Si bacu se ia ACUM pe bani si pe mancare pisi. Atunci daca aveai tentative din astea nu doar ca picai dar faceai si putina parnaie. Nu ca ai stii tu ce e ala bac dar trecem peste asta.
>> ES No. 1342
Se mai ia doar la tara acuma. La oras oricum se dadea din oficiu, in special in Bucuresti.

In sugi tu pula prin proxy.
>> US No. 1343
140013720216.jpg - (42.62KB , 490x411 , 1195349_original.jpg )
Why you lost it all?
Capitalist propaganda.
>> RO No. 1355
>competent president
>fucking traitor, hypocrite and alcoholic
>publicly accusing former king of suckin russian dick while spreading his own asscheeks for uncle sam's "freedom"
>sellingpractically giving away the country's land and resources to foreign businessmen
>competent president
Nigga, you just went way beyond full retard. I sincerely hope you're just some sort of propaganda poster, 'cause if there actually are citizens like you with the right to vote, no wonder the future of this country looks just as dark as its past.
>> ES No. 1356
the problem with Basescu is that there is no previous democratic president to compare him with. There will be one in the next 5 years, so for the moment, Basescu is THE competent, since it can´t be otherwise.

that and taking into account how much opposition he had from the Left, it´s sort of admirable he just didn´t quit.
>> RO No. 1359

Sugi pula si mori in gatu ma--tii de muist . Du-te si suge-i pula lui Basescu dupa ce pleaca de la presedintie .
After the fall of Communism in 1989 , there was a HUGE wave of western media and new ideologies . Some people left the country as soon as Ceausescu was arrested, and went to America or west europe. The rest of the people that staid , thought they had so much freedom that they did everything they could possibly think of. Then came the ages where nothing really happened . No new roads were build, no new buildings , railroads , some factories would shut down and so on. It's like ever since democracy hit romania people just said "fuck it " . We lost so much money and resources because SOMEONE (note Basescu) sold our gold resources , our military fleet , and took some land from the state (or from other people) just so he could build his daughter a 2000 sqr feet house for her and her AIDS boyfriend.
Oh , Basescu did actually build 6 km of highway - in 2 years - for 25 million euro.
Well this was to be expected, after all Ceausescu did say : "You won't even be able to paint over what I built" . Still holds true today since buildings older than 20 years are washed-out or their paint is gone. Most people that say that back then was bad were just kids at that time . Sure maybe they didn't have Disney channel , or JB like kids now have but trust me they were better off growing up away from all that shit. All elders would agree that back then was better and some even miss Ceausescu .
See the clip , even if you can't understand what they're saying.
>> RO No. 1360
>the problem with Basescu is that there is no previous democratic president to compare him with. There will be one in the next 5 years
Holy shit no, i doubt we will survive the ponta regime.
>> ES No. 1361
you mean fourth election of iliescu.

the last time someone tried to do some shit was constantinescu/ciorbea, they both failed misserably and their reign ended by isarescu fixing fucked up shit by iliescu(new mineriad etc).

moreover basescu is the only one who won with him and it's not like it was any better.

ponta's mentor was nastase, nastase's mentor was ilici pulici. it's definitivelly not going any better.
>> ES No. 1362
yea that's pretty much the average retired factory worker oppinion, devoid of any worth. i heard it so many times.

ce pizda matii de troll esti tu daca evadezi filtrele puse pe cuvinte
>> RO No. 1363
>opinia unuia care se duce sa sape pamantu la spanioli
La gunoi se duce . Si continua sa-i sugi putulica lui Base ca un goy bun ce esti.
>> ES No. 1364
da, ma ocupat cu sapat groapa joku
>> AE No. 1367
Yes. MAny of us miss it because that time we were children or younger.
It was the wort time of our lifes and the best time as well.
People hated eachother. They misstrusted eachother. People betrayed eachoter and lied daily, had to pretend daily.
Romanians are very fond of being honorable and they had very little honor left.
The revolution was instant. Not even 1% supported Ceausescu. 95% wanted to burn him alive.
In that moment when i was on the street and for the first time in my life i could say what i really thought, and first time in my life that i was not afraid, that was the moment i realised that i was not a complete person.
PEople remember that there were factories. Theey do not remember that most of the production was sub-standard
People say that it was fair
They do not remeber that the Politburo were like nobility
People say that they had everithing
but they owned nothing and did not care about anything
Communists destroyed the romanians, made them weak and fearfull and dishonest .
Fuck them all to HELL!

>> RO No. 1368
You're a retard
>People hated eachother. They misstrusted eachother. People betrayed eachoter and lied daily, had to pretend daily.
Welcome to 2000 + anything
>The revolution was instant. Not even 1% supported Ceausescu.
Again , retarded. More than 60 % of the people where satisfied with him . That 95 % you speak of was more like 10 000 stupid goyim that were paid off by the russians and americans
>People say that they had everithing but they owned nothing and did not care about anything
What are houses? What is stability? What is daily food? What is a stable job?
Again, your 12 years of age are showing.
>Communists destroyed the romanians, made them weak and fearfull and dishonest .
You're thinking of democracy and post 2000 Romania in general.
Go to bed kid , you're not the one to talk.
>> AE No. 1369
fuck off kid, you weren't even born.

Romania was so dirty, in a moral sence, that even 6 years old kids knew what was going on.
I remeber being beaten by my teacher for missing from a "patriotic demonstration" in praise to our Dear fuking leader.
I remember soldiers digging the fields, I remember university students digging potatoes while illiterate peasants were playing football
I remember those fuking poetries that every child had to read about the Dear Academician
i was 12 at the time, if you would put them in front of me i would rip their fucking throats with my teeth and piss on them.
Do you have a grandfather? Do you have a Grandmother? Did they not go to war and then lost all their land?
The relatives of the Politburo were rich and powerfull and everyone else was a piece of shit in front of them. If you were going to the police to complain gainst one of this guys they would have put you in jail.
Communism cannot be, because we are humans.
>> ES No. 1370
>What is daily food?

yea, everybody wanted to know how it´s like to be able to eat each day in communism.
>> RO No. 1371
Se deosebire de tine acum, atunci nu trebuia sa sugi pula pentru a primi o sticla de lapte.
>> ES No. 1372
Mai termina-te odata, de parca m-as fi enervat vreodata la cacaturile de le scrii.
>> RO No. 1373
Mersi ca mi-ai zis cat de "neenervat" esti. Ramai nervos printre capsunile tale.
>> ES No. 1374
Cat de prost poti sa fii sa nu intelegi elementele de baza ale limbii?
>> RO No. 1375
Cat de retardat esti ca sa nu iti dai seama cat de cur distrus esti.
>> RO No. 1376
14006872954.jpg - (99.95KB , 671x375 , You_4b6d08_2224642.jpg )
>cacaturile PE CARE le scrii.
Atat de nervos
>> ES No. 1377
>a se enerva pentru comentarii abjecte fara vreo legatura cu subiectul
>acesti doi negri chiar seriosi
>> ES No. 1378
>a se enerva pentru comentarii abjecte fara vreo legatura cu subiectul
>acesti doi negri chiar seriosi
>> RO No. 1379
Proiectand atat de tare. Tu nu intelegi ca daca te apuci si imi raspunzi in halu asta
> hurr nici nu's nervos, duten pula mea SALVIE !!!
nu faci decat sa demonstrezi cat de nervos esti . Daca nu iti pasa nu comenta si intra pe alta placa . Si nu uita sa aplici niste crema pentru fundul ala iritat.
>> ES No. 1380
tigane, te rog.

misto fir stricat, apropo.
>> RO No. 1381
In continuare nervos. Si a fost stricat de tine cand ai inceput cu autismele tale anticomuniste.
>> ES No. 1382

>> RO No. 1383
Spre deosebire de tine eu pot. Tu inca esti departe de casa.
>> ES No. 1384
>mema e sa iesi in strada ca boschetarii
>glumele mele ce bune e ele
>> RO No. 1385
Nici tu nu mai stii ce scrii acolo. Si nu asa e mema pisi. Sau poate e, daca esti in alta parte a Europei; n-am de unde sa stiu.
>> ES No. 1386
Iesi acas.
>> RO No. 1388
Cat de nervos poti fii? Atat de nervos incat sa dai salvie in primul fir , pe o placa unde activitatea e 3 persoane . Bravo , sigur are mult efect. Mai zi o data iesi acasa, poate o sa-ti asculti singur sfatu si faci din ceaun un loc mai bun.
>> RO No. 1389

Romania was just like a kid being brought up under very strict parents, having to follow too many rules, but growing up to be a functioning member of society. Then, when time came to go to university and live away from the parents, Romania started to taste life withoud insanely hard work, strict rules and absolutely no fun. Romania started to sleep in late, miss clases, spend money on useless crap and generally do the opposite of what he couldn't do at home. Just because he now could. 20-something years after moving on his own, Romania is selling each and every personal posession for dreams of aurolac, jewmonies and equality with his classmates, guys who started off just like him, but knew when to work their asses off and when to rest even without getting whipped by their parents. This is, partially the fault of the strict parents, but also Romania's own fault.
Inb4 you call me a country hater and communist supporter, this isn't just the story of Romania, it applies to most former-soviet states.
>song related, if you're not retarded and take the lyrics literally
>> RO No. 1390
>this thread
>mfw i was born five years after the revolution
>> RO No. 1391
140074852081.png - (853.78KB , 600x887 , 20130109.png )
True. This is what happens when you have strict parents that tell you what to do in order to be a productive member of society when you grow up. But if one day they just say " do whatever you want" , you will have no idea what to do. So you do all the bad things and get fucked over by people with more experience than you just because you're the new kid. But you still try to fit in and say "I-it's ok , I'm not upset. I'm fine the way i am now, i don't need stupid parents to tell me what to do ;_; " and if you say it long enough you might even believe it.
>> ES No. 1392
coaie intelege ca nu enervezi pe nimeni ci doar postezi aiurea.
>> RO No. 1393
Multumesc pentru calmul tau. Acum poti sa mergi sa faci altceva decat sa intri si sa ma anunti ca nu te enervez.
>> ES No. 1394
Io sau tu, ca macar am postat la subiect gen.
>> RO No. 1396
Si unde am scris eu ca as fi nervos? Evident ca despre tine e vorba capsunica. Si cacat postarile tale nu inseamna contribuire. Plus tu ai inceput primul cu injuraturile asa ca argumentele tale nu aveau nicio relevanta la discutie. Ad hominem, strawman, backpedaling toate se regasesc in primul tau raspuns la postarea mea.
>> ES No. 1397
Homosex pls, lasa wikipedia.
>> RO No. 1400
>insinuand ca folosesc evreul-wiki ca tine
Shlomo lasa-ne , maine ai zi de lucru deci ar trebui sa repeti sapatul si replantatul. De asemenea, homosex nu intra pe /int/ deci iar ai gresit geany
>> HR No. 1402
If Romania had it bad with "democracy", WTF happened to Moldova? Holy shit nigga... Romania was pretty bad even by Balkan standards but that, shieeeet...

t. been to both coutries and i've never seen such sovok-and-wild-west-capitalism-combined-into-a-monstrosity as in Republic of Moldova
>> ES No. 1403
moldova still commie
>> AE No. 1405
>better life
>no gypsies, no drunks, no stoners

>purposefully forgets to bring in the 4 hours of natural gas per day, only between 12 and 4 in the morning
>purposefully forgets mentioning the lack of heating in the winter
>purposefully misses out on waiting at absurdly long lines for rationed food
>purposefully leaves out how many educated people communists locked constantly from 1948 to 1989

It's obvious you were either part of the nomenclature or haven't lived in those times, scum.
>> ES No. 1407
from my understanding he could even learn from tv, Serghei Mizil was known as the nomenclature best party man, foreign drinks, cocaine, stuff.
>> RO No. 1408
>4 hours of natural gas per day, only between 12 and 4 in the morning
Except you had free gas all day long
>forgets mentioning the lack of heating in the winter
Living in the country side next to the pigs must suck for you. I had heating all throughout winter
>educated people communists locked
You mean wannabe freedom activists with >muh human rights , that would talk shit about Ceasca when there was no reason to.

>> ES No. 1409
>> RO No. 1410
140199826461.png - (7.63KB , 363x364 , 1401082045380.png )

>> AE No. 1411
Nomenclature neocommie scum, kill yourself, leaving aside how nice commies were in 1948 to take away the entire fortune of my Jewish family, something that neither the representatives of Nazis nor the Iron Guard did during the War, they also locked up my father's father who was an Orthodox priest for 10 years in Sighet until he died inside it in October 1989.
>> HR No. 1412
Serves you right, jidan.
Pula mea :DDD

>> ES No. 1413
doesnt make sense
>> AE No. 1427
Serves my family right? My family which fought both in the 1848 Revolution, also in the Independence War against kebab, WW1 and WW2? My grandfather went to Kursk and Stalingrad, came back and took the fight to Berlin. We might still be jidani, but we were more Romanian than plenty of people from those times.
>> ES No. 1428
ba tu din ce neam esti, ca evreii si-au facut bagaju in israel in interbelic si dupa

daca ai arbore genealogic pana-n 1848..

>> AE No. 1429
Nu, de fapt arborele genealogic se intinde undeva pana in 1700, de cand ducatul venetian a zburat evreii din oras.
Nu au fost chiar asa de multi care s-au mutat in Palestina (pentru ca Israelul nu exista pre-1948) pentru ca afacerile functionau in Europa, inclusiv si Romania. Partea familiei a bunicului meu, care erau saxoni din Transilvania a detinut prima afacere de facut mobila din lemn adus din Lumea Noua, iar prin vremea interbelica a facut bani grei din cauza faptului ca atunci burghezia romana avea bani grei. Pana sa inceapa razboiul in '39, ambii bunici aveau case de vacanta prin toata Romania: Gherla, Reghin, Oradea, Sibiu, Mangalia, Onesti, Targu Lapus si Sighet. Bunica mea s-a si cunoscut cu regele Mihai inca de pe vremea cand era copil la casele de vacanta ale familiei regale din Reghin.
>> IT No. 1430

Ba tu te consideri roman sau evreu, si ce dracu cauti la arabi in emirate?
>> ES No. 1431
lol si eu care ma simteam important pentru o strabunica ruda cu casa romanov si un strabunic jidan din garda regalah
>> RO No. 1432
Cred ca si eu am sangele pictorului Stefan Luchian
>> RO No. 1434
Raul F.?
>> AE No. 1436
The communists are like the meth
they are good but they destroy you on long term.

>> AE No. 1437
Ma consider si roman si evreu, sunt evreu din nastere de la mama (legea in care zice ca orice copil nascut dintr-o mama de etnicitate evreiasca e evreu), si evident, roman din partea tatalui.
Nu mai sunt de ani de zile in emirate, folosesc doar proxy-urile foarte bune de-acolo. Totusi a fost amuzant sa traiesti intr-o tara care uraste evreii, ca evreu sub acoperire.

Ai avut strabuni onorabili, salutare.

>> RO No. 1456
daca am sange de evreu ,cum aflu?
sunt saracfaggot

>tfw soros ii promoveaza si finanteaza pe tigani si grupurile feministe
>> ES No. 1461
intreaba-ti si tu bunicii de unde sunt si ce-au facut cu viata lor
>> RO No. 1462
Ah da asta te va ajuta mult. iji
Uite-te la neamu tau (parinti, bunici , veri etc)
Vezi cati dintre ei au nas de evreu, si buze de evreu (buza superioara extrem de subtire si buza inferioara groasa)
Also citeste asta http://www.angelfire.com/hailtosatansvictory666/How_to_Recognize_and_Identify_a_Jew_-_Part_1.pdf

>> AE No. 1481
pai cine te deranjeaza pe tine in Emirate din cauza religiei sau a etniei. Singura problema pe care o au este cu cetateni Jidanraelului deoarece nu recunosc statul.
Cum are fi sa vii in ROmania pe baza unui pasaport eliberat de transnistria.

>> HU No. 1522
140583856313.jpg - (345.18KB , 1173x882 , zizek3_small.jpg )
>> RO No. 1623
Do you miss english?
>> RO No. 1633
>evreu in stat kebab care inspira si expira ura pt evrei
>nu isi da nimeni seama
semeni cu un kebab?
doar mizrahi seamana si au comportament de kebab
cum te-ai camuflat coaie?
>> RO No. 1653
anon,cum sa evreu?

>> RO No. 1656
dai bula
>> AE No. 1674
Nu inspir ura pentru toti evreii, doar cei care nu realizeaza ca se caca in palarie cu multiculturalismul in Europa (aducand negrii si nord-africani musulmani, si stim ce mari "prieteni" sunt evreii si musulmanii) si fac inamici din non-evreii albi. Facand inamici din non-evreii albi se joaca cu focul sa porneasca Holocaustul 2.0, mare parte impotriva evreilor care nu au treaba cu asemenea porniri degenerate.
M-am camuflat traind intr-o comunitate numai de albi si interactiune minima cu arabii.

Ori iti gasesti un model IRL de evreu ori te duci pe /pol/
>> RO No. 1676
v-vreau si eu sa fiu parte din poporul ales,oy vey ;---;7
>> AE No. 1677
Sa fii parte din "poporul ales" nu mai e asa de "ales" cum a fost odata, de cand evreii de 20 si ceva de ani incoace nu isi mai indoctrineaza copiii lor in religie (eu unul n-am fost si stiu si altii). Pe langa asta si evreii fac racemixing (mai putin dar exista exemple) in particular in SUA si vezi copii semi-asiatici cu tati evrei.
Diferentierea acum se face in mare parte in comportament: daca esti jucator de echipa, iti tii gura si practici activitati jidanesti, bun venit in club. In cel mai rau caz daca nu esti deloc evreu (cei batrani in special pun accent pe asta) iti construiesti o poveste.
>> RO No. 1678
stii ca esti bolnav, nu?
>> AE No. 1679
I can afford private healthcare

>> RO No. 1796
nu uitati ca ceausestii erau oameni fara educatie
lenuta era chimista
nu stia cum se numeste CO2-ul
i-a spus ''codoi''
toti chimistii au trebuit sa-i spuna țțcodoițț in loc de ''dioxid de carbon''
de ce? pentru ca nu aveai curajul sa-i contrazici pe dictatori
nu am eu experienta de viata sau ceva, nici de nascut pe vremea aia nu eram nascuta, da nu cred ca un astfel de regim, al lipsului si al terorii, ar fi avut un alt deznodamant
>> RO No. 1797
>nici de nascut pe vremea aia nu eram nascuta

Opinia ta de femeie la ciclu e invalidă.
>> RO No. 1798
taci in pizda ma-tii, singura oara cand o sa vezi tu pizda o sa fie cand o sa te uiti pe gaura cheii la ma-ta aia grasa cum face dus
>> RO No. 1799
imi place ca inca te crezi in evul mediu or some shit like that, si inca ai senzatia ca daca cineva spune ceva, si in loc de penis are vagin, automat opinia e nula
doar pentru ca vezi tu niste frustrate feministe la televizor sau la ce mama dracu te uiti tu in timpul liber in afara de porno, nu inseamna ca toate femeile is interesate de aruncat boraci pe pizda, manichiura, mers la solar, bani, flori, cacat, pisat
da, frate, ceausestii erau niste inculti
dar na, vad ca e foarte ok sa fii condus de un dobitoc
si dobitocu asta o facut ca alti dobitoci sa spuna ca regimul dobitocesc e bun, cah, democratia e caca
da, e caca
asta din romania
zi-mi tu o alta tara democratica unde se intampla ce se intampla la noi, se mediatizeaza ca aia din guvern fura tara, si totusi nu-s demisi
ma gandeam sa mai spun cate ceva, dar fiind femeie, locul meu e in bucatarie, mai bine las niste frustrati sexuali de pe un site sa puna tara la cale
>> RO No. 1800
Zid de autism plus romangleza. La gunoi se duce.
>> RO No. 1801
Nu merge asta, noi oamenii bogati avem perdele de dus si nu se vede prin ele :^(
Pot sa vin in cocioaba ta si sa ma uit la ma-ta cum se spala in lighean in schimb, daca esti cumsecade?
>> ES No. 1802
143938187066.jpg - (66.13KB , 630x410 , spain-europe-austerity-2-630x410.jpg )
toate cel mai probabil.

Berlusconi la vremea lui tot a ajuns premier, si toata lumea ce si cat fura.

Putin la fel. Pe ala il voteaza batranii de frica, ce cacat.

Experienta mea de aici (Spania) e fix ca-n Romania. Aici sunt totusi niste legi de audiovizual... adica circul de e la Antena3 sau B1TV cu injurat si etc n-o sa-l vezi, insa toata lumea stie ce si cat fura.

Sunt stiri zilnic gen 'regele si-a mai platit niste vacante', 'politicianul cutare nu poate justifica niste bani de-i are in elvetia', 'surpriza in cazul x, au mai furat si altii bani' si tot asa nonstop.

Crezi ca se face ceva?


Au iesit 8 milioane de oameni in strada.

Stii cu ce s-au ales?

Cu o lege care le interzice sa mai iasa in strada:


Na uite poza asta de am pus-o, drepturile tale de femeie europeana intr-o "tara ca afara".

Iei un sut in coaste de bocanc.

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