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/int/ - Хуйці смокчете?
140549505185.png - (521.42KB , 1294x783 , Без имени-1 (3).png )
1497 UA No. 1497
Хуйці смокчете?
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>> RO No. 1498
Teach English or Romania, Ukraine, and, I cannot speak.
>> UA No. 1499
140552062733.png - (360.10KB , 558x384 , 1P2dgeprng8.png )
My english is not good, but I'll try.
What Romanians think about Ukrainians? Also, what u know about war in Ukraine?
>> RO No. 1500
Never been to Ukraine, but I like it. Your women are also nice.
As for the war , I only know what I read on 4chan /pol/ . Did it die off as of now?
>> RO No. 1501
you have to give us back the northern part of bucovina (Cernauti zone), the southern part of basarabia (bugeac) and the snakes island. in exchange, you can attach to your country transnistria.

otherwise, you are a good and friendly people!
>> ES No. 1502

transnistria is 1/3 romanian and there are romanians up to bug
>> AE No. 1503
war is ukraine because Stalin
Russia people in Ucraina love to rusia give ticket, cemodan, salam alaikum
romania people like ucraina but no like russia
ucraina make blocking of Moldova border quickly, no allow any stamp for exit of transdniester, only Moldova stamp
transnistria 30% haholea, 30% romania people, rus is king
if need helping for make war russia romania coming
i see video "a am a ukrainean" i am cry, remember 1989 Romania
open border romania for ucraina brother in fight russia
>> UA No. 1505
140556430234.jpg - (107.64KB , 604x453 , wMXz4_MvIKE.jpg )
Lol, even if Ukraine have to give back someone's territory, Romania will be the last in the list.
I hope I wrote it right.
>> RO No. 1506
Well, we'd love for Ukraine to give us back some lands, like the ones already discussed: Bukovina, etc.
But we don't hate you, like we hate Russians, Hungarians or Gypsies.
We just hope that the conflict between you and Russia won't become a war, because then the Third World War may begin, and, as always, Romania would be in middle.
>> RO No. 1507
Huytsi or smoke it?
>> UA No. 1508
140564047833.jpg - (63.90KB , 600x441 , 1405470637860.jpg )
хуйці - dicks
>> RO No. 1515
Never actually been to Ukraine, just close to the border. I also knew a ukrainan girl once, she was pretty cool. Those are about all my experiances with ukraine. And about those territories, it was Stalin's plan to keep the conflicts going long after he's gone that's why he divided regions such as Bukowina, Basarabia, Transdnistria, Crimeea etc between different states.

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