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/int/ - Russian - is not "rossiyanin"! We don`t like Putin, we didn`t vote for Putin. We don`t want to conquer the world. We don`t want to buil
140569568148.jpg - (42.35KB , 604x441 , 453355.jpg )
1510 RU No. 1510
Russian - is not "rossiyanin"!

We don`t like Putin, we didn`t vote for Putin.
We don`t want to conquer the world.
We don`t want to build communism.
We don`t drink vodka every day.
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>> RO No. 1511
140570207077.jpg - (205.65KB , 1024x768 , gommunism.jpg )
That's nice.

Also I like both places in the pic,what I hate is this.
>> RO No. 1512
>We don`t want to build communism.
you fucking traitor!!
>> RO No. 1513
Why is a trip to Moscow so expensive compared to any other european capitals? I heard there are a fuckton of taxes to pay and if you don't travel in a group with a translator you're fucked because fex people speak english there.
>> RO No. 1514
>> RO No. 1517
noshit , 90% of you are poor as fuck and illiterate so i wouldn't expect you to do any of that
>> ES No. 1518
gluma e pe tine, as sta la cabana
>> HU No. 1519

>We don`t want to build communism
why not?

>> AE No. 1520
why romanians hate russians with passion:
Ruso-turkish war:
Romania made an alliance with the russians, the russians were getting fucked in Bulgaria and were going to lose the war. Romanian king willing to fight but the russians had to recognise our country.
Russia did not accept untill tey almost lost the war, than called the Romanian king. Romanian army crossed the Danube, fought back the Turkis, lost 22000 people and won toghether with the Russians. Instead of being grateful that they had a strong and committed ally the Russian Empire occupied Eastern Moldova.
WW1 Romania joined on the Antanta side and fought it's way trough up to Hungary where the Russian Army was supposed to deliver amo and some troops. They delivered nothing and as a result we lost almost all the country.
Then we retreated in Moldova, killed a lott of germans to the point they allmost lost the war and we were ready to start the offensive.
Romania sends i's treasure to Russia for safekeeping
Russians made revolution, ran away, Romania had to capitulate.
Untill today Russia did not return the treasure, 120 tons of gold and thousands of artefacts
Romania finaly recovers all the country also east Moldova tha votes to reunite.
Hungary attack Romania because communist, Russia supports them by attacking Moldova
Romania fucks Hungary and ocupies Budapest, removes comunists. Soviet union angry
WW2 Stalin And Hitler take parts of romania, Again East Moldova ocupied.
Forbids language
Kills all elites
Puts jews in power
ww2, Romania looses
Russia takes EVERYTHING from Romania (factories, gold, uranium, everything.
Stalin put in power Gipsies and Jews in Romania
Romania finish to pay all war debt (maby 3 times in value)
Romania remove all Soviet army, kills or deports all leaders put by Russians
1969 Checkoslovakia
Romania say Russian is wrong, Russia send troops to border to invade Romania.
Romania mobilise army to border in 10 Hour.
More than 2 milion volunteer to fight the Russian, USA say they will help, China Send troops to russian border
Romania ask for volunteer for army, i 2 days 2 milion volunteer come.
Russia-Romania relationship is clear.
Transnistria war also

So there are too many things.

The main problem is Moldova and the Gold stolen. Untill this is changing, USA is our ally.

>> RO No. 1524
But you still squat, dont you? If not I'm calling bullshit on you being russian.
>> RO No. 1525
Good summary.
For russians: if a new war starts, don't drink vodka. We'll stalk you, wait until you're taking a piss, and we'll simply cut your throat. We've done it during wars, and we'd gladly do it again.
>> RO No. 1624
>> RO No. 1626
>imblying i hate Russia
I drink my cheap imitation vodka while playing metro 2033 .
>> UA No. 1654
Hi. I am russian-speaking citizen of Ukraine and have my small hometown in Luganska Oblast ruined by Russian troops, by the time of their "Offence against banderovtsi in defence of russian-speaking citizen of Ukraine". Ask me smthn.
>> RO No. 1655

please provide us some pics, how do we know you're not a russian infitrated in a ukrainain citizen
>> MD No. 1764
And you are a traitor and not russian.
>> GB No. 1772

Proofs say otherwize Sasha
>> RO No. 1789
In Russia and Poland! We don't need vodka Putinka elections. We must win the peace. I don't want to be with communism. Of vodka a day.
>> CA No. 1909
146838419164.jpg - (254.05KB , 800x419 , 1452825708853.jpg )
>We don`t want to conquer the world.

I'll take "Shit that never happened" for $500
>> PH No. 1910
>Not liking Putin

He's probably the greatest World Leader in power today.
>> RU No. 1922
14748968965.jpg - (33.85KB , 521x500 , 14741184622000.jpg )
Good day fellow Romanians.
We came here for the reason that the largest Russian imageboard Dvach.hk (Sosach, Harkach etc.) ceased to exist. Now the entrance to it was the only fee, and no improvement is expected in the near future.
In this connection, we have a question - as here are guests from Russia, and what are the rules of the boards as a whole?
>> MD No. 1955
>we dont want to conquer the world
>> MD No. 1956
Хэллоу, май френд блеать
>> LC No. 1959
He is the most uncucked world leader today.

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