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/int/ - >el nu-i moldovean ayy lmao plebs zdarova pizdiuşilor
143396136395.png - (136.87KB , 500x500 , timthumb_php.png )
1769 MD No. 1769
>el nu-i moldovean
ayy lmao plebs
zdarova pizdiuşilor
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>> RO No. 1770
zdarova pizdetz nahuy
>> RO No. 1771
>> RO No. 1790
Now, The Republic Of Moldova. Good Best pizdiusilor
>> RO No. 1795
143811966548.png - (226.34KB , 632x538 , iceteafoot_zpsd53e9935.png )
mai baga moldovenisme
>> MD No. 1805
chizda mă-sîi
cyka blyat
>> JP No. 1813
this is reary intelesting , how can understand this speaking ?
>> LU No. 1829
All you need to do is adopt a child prostitute form the illustrious Republic of Moldova. Moldovans take great pride in their language and all Moldovan children speak fluently the language of their great poet Eminescu from a very early age.
>> RO No. 1830
Meaning russian.
Well you need to learn a bit of russian, a bit of french, and a bit of italian. Mix them together and there you go!

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